No! La Vie Fitness welcomes men and women of all ages. Clients must be 16 years or older to attend. Clients under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian.

NO! Although Lagree is our main focus at La Vie, it is not the only class we will offer. We currently have a Cardio-Kick class available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pop-up Yoga classes are in the works as well! These classes will be announced one week in advance via social media.  We also plan to expand our class variety in the future. We are open to suggestions, what classes would you like to see at LVF?

All scheduling will be completed via the Momence app/website. Visit the www.lavie-fitness.com Home Page for direct links for creating a Momence account and the class schedule.

If the class you are trying to schedule is full, the option to join the waitlist will appear. If a spot becomes available while you are on the waitlist, you will automatically be added to that class. You will then be notified of your class via email/app. Please be sure to monitor your email/app as you will be charged a $15 “no show” fee if you are added to a class and fail to show up.

We require a 8-hour notice to switch or cancel a class. If you cancel your class before the 8-hour time frame, there will be no charges or penalties. If you cancel your class within the 4-hour window, a $10 "late cancel" fee will be charged. There will be no exceptions to this policy. 

If you schedule a class and fail to show up or cancel, a $15 "no show" fee will be charged and class credit will be used for that session. 

We understand that life happens or things do not go exactly as planned. Clients will be allowed a 10-minute grace period for late arrivals. After 10 minutes, you will be counted as a no show.  We are not responsible for the portion of the class that you have missed. 

Yes! We would love to schedule an individual or group session for you. Please email kelbi.laviefitness@gmail.com to schedule. 

You are allowed 1 class per day. If you wish to take more than one class in a day, email Kelbi.laviefitness@gmail.com for information on the discounted rates. 

All expecting mothers MUST clear working out with their doctor first. Please email Kelbi.laviefitness@gmail.com to discuss your workout plan. 


We recommend our clients to wear fitted clothes, such as yoga pants or tights. Please avoid wearing baggy, loose-fitting clothes to as it may alter your ability to perform the moves. 

All clients are required to wear grip socks while on the machine. Socks will be available for purchase at the front desk. Buying a new pair of socks for each class can get expensive; keep a back up pair in your car! 

You may also wish to bring your own water, however water bottles will be available for purchase as well.

We suggest that you arrive 5 minutes early to allow yourself time to warm-up prior to the class starting.

New clients are required to arrive 10 minutes prior to class to enable time for a brief tutorial on the machine. To keep our clients safe, we strictly enforce this policy.

Lagree is a full body workout designed to leave your muscles sore and fatigued. There is no magic number of classes per week, as it depends on your fitness level as well as the intensity of your workout. However, we recommend attending Lagree 3-4 days/week with a day off in between to allow your body time for proper rest/recovery.  REST IS IMPORTANT!

Once a week may be appropriate for those who suffer from chronic illness (Ex. Fibromyalgia), which require more recovery time. 

Lagree classes are 45 minutes.  We do recommend our clients to arrive early for warm-up/stretching purposes. We also encourage our clients to stretch necessary muscle groups at the end of class.